maanantaina, heinäkuuta 7

Päivän (ja tulevaisuuden hyvä työ)

Klikkasin itseni taas kerran tänne ja sitouduin alla olevaan. Ei ollut ensimmäinen kerta metsätalousinsinöörin elämässä... eikä viimeinen ;)

Tartu haasteeseen!

I pledge to plant a seed
Trees and forests provide habitats to diverse animal species, and they also form the source of livelihood for lots of people as well. They offer timber and non-timber products, and various recreational options. They prevent soil erosion, help in maintaining the water cycle, and help check global warming by using carbon dioxide in photosynthesis.

But in the last 50 years, about half the world's original forest cover has been lost.

I therefore pledge to plant a tree seed and help save my only planet.

It may be a pip from an apple, an acorn from an oak or a winged nut from a maple – I may even go crazy and buy a whole packet of tree seeds from my local garden. But whatever seed I choose I pledge to:

* Put down my keyboard
* Pick up my seed
* Take my finger
* Go save the planet

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